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    Buying Traffic

    Howdy Boys & Girls,
    I have decided to buy traffic for my little site. I have a little FREE site and a little budget to go along with it. I have done some reading and noticed it's about $40 per 10,000 hits for the most part. I was just wondering if anyone has had any success and with who? Thanks and Hugs -

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    Turbo Face has some good quality traffic, shoot him a PM or email im sure he will hook you up with a sweet deal :groovy:



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    Thanks Lee, I 'll definitely do that.

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    Hi there, you might wanna check out my site

    If your interested, email me, I'll give a deal. :grin:

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    Ding Dong
    10,000 HITS for $40 ? er um, that aint gonna be much good.

    If I sent 10,000 hits to any of the 50/50 paysite programs, then Im bound to get at LEAST 10 signups, at 50% - thats at least $100. In reality, 10,000 hits to a 50/50 would get me 20 signups, $200+.

    So anyone willing to give you 10,000 HITS for $40 is going to give you some pretty useless traffic.

    There are some programs out there offering 3c per click even on blindlinks/popups/popunders, thats $300 for 10,000 clicks. And if the traffic is clean, without popups/blind etc, you can get 20c per click, $2,000 for 10,000 hits.

    Just my $0.02 - you get what you pay for.

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