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Thread: what doyou guys know about this Site????

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    Macho 411

    what doyou guys know about this Site????

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    Macho 411
    sorry here the link

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    its the official playgirl mag. site. They stop putting photo's online a few years back because of webmasters stealing the content and building sites with it.:bow:

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    There was also a problem with the way the old site was run.

    It was apparently being run by an outside company, and lots of people signed up, only to find that the content was thin, and the updates were sporatic at best.

    Reportedly, it was poorly put together, and people would try to unsubscribe, but would hit all sorts of walls. Some times people complained that they were billed for months, even when they were begging to be unsubscribed, People would be billed months after they had unsubscribed... all sorts of problems.

    And yeah, every photo was posted on the usenet, every photo wound up on people's traffic sites, and there was even a Yahoo group that posted every single picture, so Playgirl was not only losing credibility, but money, too.

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    nice page and its a shame that there were so many problems in the past - god, I need to upgrade my monitor to scatch and sniff

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    I'm still awaiting the invention of "smell-a-vision".

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    Originally posted by Jasun
    I'm still awaiting the invention of "smell-a-vision".
    Not me... I'm convinced that the net just plain stinks:thinking:

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