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Thread: New Kid on the block

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    New Kid on the block

    Hello everyone,

    New here, I have learned some very costly leasons in the past 6 months of being open.. But I guess you have to take your kicks so to speak... Just the same... Does anyone know of where I could find a list of websites that buy LIVE gay camera content.. I mean I have a product that I believe is FANTASTIC but I have not one clue where to look.. And it seems when I talk to other sites that have been around a long time they will not offer any help... Maybe its just not good business for them to tell me, maybe they just dont want to help me, one way or the other its a HUGE pain.. One way or the other if ANYONE can/will help it would be a nice change.. Dont think I could handle another dead end... Just so you know I have run the whole dead end run, I have paid for placement on the search engs, banner exchange, posting to news groups, search eng to find sites to e-mail to offer my product to (out of 200 e-mails 4 responded)...

    Thank you for your time and any help you could offer...

    Mike (webmaster/owner)

    Love, and let LOVE

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    Hey Mike!

    And welcome to the board! I understand the frustration level. I started in this business because the internet was a place based on community and cooperation. But the more competetive things get the harder it is to find a place or person who will tell you what you need.

    For my part here's some cooperation... I'm sure you have run across many of these sites in your travels, but when I'm trying to sell content or an idea even, I run through the list of Advertising programs in the resource section. If the company listed has a ad program, they have to have sites to promote (this is my reasoning at least LOL). Of course some sites are for video or sex toy sales, but overall the sponosr programs listed have pay sites associated with them. I, personally, would stick to the resource sites for that information - using the same premise of ad program sections have a 98% chance of listing what you're looking for.

    As for your response of 4:200... in this day and age that's okay. While the general return response on an email to surfers is better, the ratio of response from a webmaster email are far lower. I haven't seen your marketing message so I'm just asking, how spammy is it? If you're email reads like an advert, chances are you message is getting deleted before it's being read. Again, I haven't seen it so I'm not making a judgement call.

    Well that's my two cents worth LOL If you need any assitance just let me know.

    Best regards,

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    Aly Python1
    Hi Darling. You're definitely dealing with a universal predicament.

    Feel free to email me a demo and I'll give you some feedback, and possibly give you a few good leads.

    I buy gay traffic. PythonPAYS!

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