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Thread: Another PayPal victim - JenniCam

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    Another PayPal victim - JenniCam

    Girl needs to hook herself up with a 3rd party processor or somethin...

    Any Epoch, iBill, or CCBill folks in this board? hehe

    JenniCam goes dark

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    I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like a drama queen to me when she wont even try anyone else then blames PayPal. I had a friend like that when I was a kid - play it my way or I will pick up my bat and ball then go home!! Funny, it was those times when he did go home that the rest of us had a fun time

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    I guess there's another story floating around that I haven't read where she blames PayPal because I sure didnt get that from this article. She didn't even post a reason why the site was closing. The reporter just did some digging and found out that PayPal was closing her account. Sounds like a reporter doing some speculating to me. After all this time, maybe she's just tired of being on camera 24 ours a day. Just a thought.

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