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Thread: Your Members Have Never Seen This! Transexual-Man.Com

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    Check It Out Your Members Have Never Seen This! Transexual-Man.Com

    You members have never see this...yes, he looks like one hardcore dude. He smells of leather, he's head is shaved and his tattoos say Irish Boy. He likes his riding crop, he'll make you drink his piss and he'll fist your ass.

    Buck Angel can be one bad dude...

    Too bad he has a pussy!

    With the overcrowding of Transexual-Women sites comes Buck Angel - Transexual Man. Your guests/members will be drawn to him, curious and purchase a membership just to see that dick-sized clit.

    Webmasters who sign up for receive 25% of all sales/recurring through CCBill. You'll also have access to limited available sets of Buck Angel in action to entice your jaded gay following.

    Go now and get hooked!

    Buck is also available for custom content and for your own shoots. Always looking for other self-performers for content trades! Contact

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    Nov 2003
    Waving madly!! Hi Sappho!!! Glad you came by and registered!! Hope you stick around ... this is a totally fun group!

    (I brought a buddy Gary--- did i win anything??)

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    Hi Bec...

    Yes. Doing my last minute xmas gift for my friend Buck. Moving this week to the SF Bay Area. Eek. I'll be around more once I'm settled in. Right now, touch and go.


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    sign-ups have been great so Buck is raising the rev share to 50% because he knows theres more $$ to go around!!!

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