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Thread: The baby has arrived...

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    The baby has arrived...

    We picked her out last Monday and had to wait until today to pic her up, but she's ours!

    Attached is a pic of our little girlie - Her name is Liquorice!

    She had surgery this afternoon (she got fixed) so she's a bit groggy... Tomorrow we'll try to get action shots of her to send LOL

    She is a BEAUTIFUL 3 month old Black Labrador. She was the chubby one in here family, and we all fell in love immediately. On her first five minutes here, she promptly piddled on the dining room floor - she's HOME! = )

    Needless to say Her Two Dads are overjoyed!

    Off to play with the baby girl!


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    She is just too cute...and, I know you two aren't getting a bit of work done.....

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    Keep Groovin',
    Don Mike
    Ounique, Inc.

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    She's gotta beautiful face. My brother-in-law has a female black lab too (Her Name's Lady).

    Anyway, here's some obvious advice from the "Dog Wisperer" ~ Be Patient!

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    She is just soooo gorgeous

    We have already got her to sit on command and we know when she needs to go outside for a potty break as she walks up to a door and then to us and starts wagging her tail like crazy

    Just have to get her trained to do the laundry, cook dinner, wash the dishes etc and we are all set LOL



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    Just have to get her trained to do the laundry, cook dinner, wash the dishes etc and we are all set LOL

    Honey that's what I got you for... It hasn't worked well YET! Hmmm maybe If I spank your bottom you'd cook sometime.

    I don't want to jinx anything but I have to say.. so far so good. If the first 24 hours are ANY indication, we'll be doing GREAT.

    When we picked her out at the humane society and officially adopted her, we had visitation rights (I just love that). We went almost every day for at least an hour, so we got to know her and I guess she got to know us. After my last dog (a Weimeraner named Magick who was wild and crazy but still my baby) this is WONDERFUL!

    Even last night when I went to bed she was fine and dandy. When she woke up, she entertained herself with her toys until she had to wake us up to go out.

    I was fretting over all the issues pups have, and so far the only accidents on the rugs were human error - we didn't react fast enough to what she was telling us.

    Gotta Love it!

    Back to work ; )


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