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Thread: Im moved !!!

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    Im moved !!!

    It took me 8 hours in a snow storm pushing a 3 bedroom volume of furniture over 100 yards to a van (*old landlord would let us back the van up to the door for fear it would wreck his bricks)

    Now monday morning, I am sitting on the floor, against the bed with my computer on packing boxes realizing Im a workaholic and would feel guilty as hell if I dont get online to talk to clients, answer emails and all the other wonderful things that make me obsessed (*case in point calling the cable company to hook up my high speed on a sunday night during a snow storm).

    So whats my point??

    Nothing, rereading this I had a self awareness moment

    (as my cats accidentally turned on my shaver and knocked it into the bathtub and they are playing, my bird which survived the move very well thanx to the kind advice here)

    Oh yea, my moment - I am a drama queen!!

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    Congrats on the move, Legacy!

    Now what did I say to you the other day... no working. It's unpacking time! This is when we enhance the stereotype... decorating your new place

    I'm happy to hear everyone made the move ok.

    My best,

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    LOL -- I can just picture the mayhem!

    Glad everyone arrived in one piece!

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    Originally posted by Gary-Alan
    This is when we enhance the stereotype... decorating your new place
    Are you saying Rob needs to find a gay guy to help him decorate?

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