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Thread: I Bills New Charge Back Policy

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    Macho 411

    I Bills New Charge Back Policy

    December 16, 2003

    Dear Client,

    Due to the increasing cost of effectively managing chargebacks, InterCept Payment Solutions will initiate a fee change related to chargebacks on Visa and MasterCard transactions effective February 1, 2004. The fee change will only affect clients with chargeback ratios in excess of 2% on greater than 25 transactions and will result in a $25 fee per chargeback. Clients with chargeback ratios below 2% will continue to pay the current fee of $15 per chargeback.

    We are happy to report that most of our clients are currently well under the chargeback thresholds (Visa - 1% domestic, 2% international; MasterCard - 1% overall). However, InterCept Payment Solutions will continue to offer assistance to clients that are experiencing higher chargeback ratios.

    Should you have any questions regarding your chargeback management, contact your sales representative or contact us at 1-800-764-4266 or via email at

    InterCept Payment Solutions

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    fair enuff, most billers would cut off companies that have >2% cb ratios!



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