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Thread: A call from GFY Hosting?

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    A call from GFY Hosting?

    Well funny thing happened last night… it seemed that someone wanted to play a joke, and decided to call a couple of people I know.

    They introduced themselves from GFY hosting. And told the person they called, that our server was down, that they were an emergency contact for me; and the caller needed a return call. And as none of these people have anything to do with this company they would never have been emergency ANYTHING for us. And we know who we host with so that was didn’t work either.

    Well needless to say it was a hoax. They left bogus numbers to call back – non-existent numbers in CA and FL.

    At first I was pissed. But then I remembered something that no one knows, not even Lee – my FBI code. See, a while back I had a cyber stalker. And when I reported those calls, I was given a number through the telephone company that would alert the authorities to calls made to me. When I dialed the number, the unlisted cell number of the caller appeared on their report. Within days, they arrested the owner of the phone number, and I was able to press charges.

    So if you’re the caller who thought they were funny. Better pop yourself a Prozac, I gave everyone involved that code to dial on the authority of the phone company. I’ll probably be getting a call tomorrow afternoon to verify the information, and you’ll be getting a visit from the police in your area soon! Although, my original stalker was from Canada, so he had FBI agents come with his local police.

    And just remember… I may be a really nice guy. But I am the biggest bitch on two feet when I have to be. I’m so looking forward to pressing charges.


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    Wow.. cant believe that crap happened...

    Im in toronto if you need some eyes, ears here my friend. I recently moved, so I know all the good spots to hide boxes and heavy bags

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