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Thread: This would appear to be the only discussion board

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    This would appear to be the only discussion board

    that I have yet to post the following on...


    That is all.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Oh MAN!!! You went and didn't take ME>?>>>>????:crybaby:

    I'm dyin to see it. Maybe I can tolerate the pain and we'll grab a bus to go downtown Sunday to see it at Tower City .... I'll never make it to when it hits cable pay per view!

    Bec ... who has already downloaded new desk top pics and having fun rotating them around on a daily basis :groovy:

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    haha It was amazing.
    I went to the midnight showing on Tuesday night at Downtown Disney in Anaheim.

    Got to the theatre 4 hours early. A bunch of us were lined up outside the theatre hanging out. Then they let us in to the theatre at 9pm so we could chill in there for 3 hours. We got to go in and out of the theatre and get food and watch a ska band they had playing outside the theatre.
    People were dressed up in costume. We played Lord of the Rings trivia and card games - even Lord of the Rings Monopoly!
    A bunch of strangers all getting to know one another and get all hyped up on our shared excitement about the movie.
    And the flick itself was just great. As far as I'm concerned, the best theatre going experience of my life. I've never had as much fun seeing a movie and have not enjoyed any other film as much as I did this one.
    I literally laughed and cried and cheered and sat at the edge of my seat for 3 and a half hours!
    And when it finally ended I was heartbroken! haha. I can't believe there isn't a 4th one to look forward to next year!!!
    I'll see it atleast 4-5 more times before the end of December.
    I'm such a dork!!!
    I'm listening to the soundtrack right now at the office driving the few people here who haven't yet seen it absolutely mad!

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    OK, I'm not going now. I was hoping it would be good.

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