Important issue, guys.

AOL is blocking many emails from gay websites. It happened to me yesterday; emails to one of the guys in my gay male porn stars webring (an AOL user) was returned by AOL stating that a URL in the email had been reported to them as spam (or some wording like that).

I've never spammed but in the email is the webring code from the webring site - so I have to assume that caused it.

Meanwhile, I noticed that the folks at ATKOL are having the same problem. One of the admins posted about it today; they can't email their AOL customers as it is blocked and filtered. ATKOL never spams, either.

They've contacted the ACLU as they feel this is discrimination. They're asking if any other gay websites/webmasters have been blocked/filtered by AOL.

If so, please PM me so I can put you in touch with them.