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    Holiday Poll

    As we get into the heart of this holiday season, it's important to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Of course, people remember this more during the holiday season, but forget that poverty and hardship are not seasonal. It's also important to remember this all year.

    Just out of curiosity I'd like to run a little poll:

    What is your favorite charity and why?

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    The Rape Crisis Center ...

    Why ... because they were there after our household was victim to a premeditated gay hate crime.

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    The BDBionic Anti-Celibacy Fund.

    A worthwhile, valiant charity if there ever was one.

    Actually there are 2 nonprofits that get the majority of my donated funds.

    The Surfrider Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They're not really people-outreach type charities, though. When it comes to those, I float a little the Red Cross' way now and then.

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    Direct Holly

    Good question

    I have so many ... The Matthew Sheppard foundation, the SPCA, ASACP - Love Joan and the work they do, there are so many good orgnizations for people to get involved with and help those who truly need it...

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    Mine is the 'Stop TheLegacy from Stalking Me Foundation'. :curtain:

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    I donate all I can to Freddys Package Store...

    It's the least I can do with my $20.00 check I'll get this pay period.

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    I donate to

    It's for young people (gay and straight) that have contracted HIV and don't have family or friends to help deal with it. I've had a lot of friends that their families do not talk to them because they are positive. Plus my bf of 2 years was positive. It was a hard relationship since I'm not positive.
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