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Thread: Speak Up For Ourselves

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    Speak Up For Ourselves

    just got this email. i think it's important that we speak up for ourselves, especially those of us in the adult industry who have to fight for so many rights. please take a minute to do the survey and let your opinion be known.


    Want to annoy the (antigay) American Family Association?

    They are currently conducting an online poll regarding public opinion about
    gay marriage, and plan to show their results to Congress. When I took it,
    it showed that over 75% oppose same-sex marriage and civil unions -- this is
    dramatically higher than what any other public opinion polls have shown to
    date. Of course, it begs the question, who are they polling? Well, some
    friends and I decided we needed some OTHER input. Go there:

    It takes only a few seconds of your time. Send it to your friends! And
    then if they sent it to their friends, then ....... You get the picture.


    Robin Bohannan
    Executive Director
    Boulder County AIDS Project
    2118 14th Street
    Boulder, CO 80302
    303.444.0260 fax
    303.444.7181 linea telefonica en espaņol
    1.800.659.2656 TTY

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    It is kind of odd... Here in Britain especially, but elsewhere in Europe too, things have been improving in leaps and bounds for the last few years. Yet over in the States they seem to be going backwards.

    It is something we should all be very concerned about, wherever in the World we are. Not only because we are gay but also because the adult industry is very likely next on the Bush hitlist and almost all of us outside the USA depend on companies, services and sales from within the States.

    We all have websites and thousands of visitors to them each day. Maybe as the Presidential Elections get closer next year we should all tell our visitors what a vote for Bush could mean for adult entertainment? It feels to me that so far the adult industry has just sat back and taken it when, in fact, we have a huge audience and enormous power to wield.

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