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Thread: Pop Up Consoles Work - To A Point.

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    Pop Up Consoles Work - To A Point.

    Here's an article that i wrote a week or two ago that i thought some of you might like to see.

    Pop Up Consoles Work - To A Point.

    As webmasters we are constantly thinking up new ways to generate sales to our sponsors however, the one medium to generating sales that has been and most likely will remain to be popular is the method of using consoles on our sites. Whether these are exit consoles, blur consoles or, on entry consoles one thing holds true, the more consoles you use, the more you annoy your surfer.

    Marketing Console Numbers.

    Through some research of my own i have noticed that a trend appears when the use of consoles on our sites takes effect this trend is that anything after the first console you use actually cuts your chances of making a sale in half, thus, the maximum amount of pop up consoles we should use on our sites, in my humble opinion should be two or three at the very most.

    Console Sales Figures.

    Okay lets take a look at some average (signups per month divided by days in the month) sales figures based on a three month period (sending roughly 10,000 hits per month).

    Average signups to sponsor (A) = 113
    Sales From Console (1) to sponsor (A) = 11
    Sales From Console (2) to sponsor (A) = 2

    The setup above uses pop up consoles in the following manner, on entering the site you get a Blur Console which hides itself behind the current page you are viewing, once you close the current page you see the blur console, once you close the blur console you see a smaller console, once you close the smaller console, the browser window closes altogether.

    Evaluating The Figures.

    From the above figures we can see an immediate pattern, namely that console (1) makes up roughly 10% of our total sales and also that console (2) makes up roughly 20% of console (1) sales. Putting these figures into practice across further consoles will show you that by utilizing any more than 3 consoles on your sites really does not amount to any significant raise in sales unless you send a higher amount of traffic to your sites in the first instance.

    Console Sales - Recap.

    We have now seen that from a steady flow of traffic over a monthly period we can influence the potency of specific consoles within our exit chains and, by analyzing the figures we get from these consoles we can almost certain figure out firstly, the correct (or comfortable) amount of consoles we use on our sites and secondly, that the more consoles we add to our sites, the lower the potential sales figures will be from each subsequent console.

    I will be the first person to admit that overall pop up consoles are an excellent marketing tool however, the figures above show that the more consoles we use, the less chance we have of making a sale further down the chain, use consoles wisely and they will benefit you however, abuse the use of pop up consoles on your sites and not only will be wasting bandwidth, youll be wasting a surfer too.

    Article written by Lee.


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    Good article Lee! Thanks for sharing the stats and their effectiveness!

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    Consoles will become less effective as the new browsers with popup busting built in come out.

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    Originally posted by mardigras
    Consoles will become less effective as the new browsers with popup busting built in come out.

    ...unless you can get some code that works around this, I have seen a couple of places do it but just cannot figure it out yet. I will soon and then I will sell it and make a fortune....hahahahaha!!!



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