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Thread: Crave Men ? add your site

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    Crave Men ? add your site

    Hi . add your site to Crave Men Directory at

    I welcome any comments or questions

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    I added a site today, how long before it's approved for listing?

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    On the other hand.... You have different fingers dirtygeek's Avatar
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    Dude Crave, how are ya man? Seems like your a busy man now. Don't talk to no one anymore. :crybaby: (joke'n)

    Hit me up on AIM when you get a second. I have something I want to run by you.
    You'll get more with a kind word and a 2 by 4 then you'll get with just a kind word.

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    Spank me for being late

    Hi Southernexposure, Sorry for delay in getting back to you, on this board, your link was approved the same day of submission < all our links are approved within a 24 hr period> We have a lot of areas within our site to increase your visibility as a free listing, send me an email lets chat.

    Hey Andy, not sure if you replied here after we chatted on IM & I logged off never to return // Busy. Yes, I have been on 4 hr. sleep for the last 5 weeks, everything needs to be repeated 2 times before I get it .
    I have a knife to my throat by other clients, granted I have made them wait like 8 months. * Man I am asking my self every time I sit to do a site, why why why . I have my own stuff going on,

    OK send me IM.

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