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Thread: hotlink question

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    hotlink question

    Is there a way I can add something to the .htaccess that would allow hotlinking into ONE folder only? I've setup the RobotControl program, which stops hotlinking unless I manually add a site and give it permission, but I don't want to do that for all these sites that want a banner url. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to handle that?

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    You should put your banners in a folder that doesn't have .htaccess.{example) /userbanners or /userimages.
    That is the only way I know how to do it.. It's simple and you can create new banners at whim without all the fuss up having to contact everyone to tell them you have new banners for use. You just change the banners and upload with same name.

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    ...or you can set up a new directory / subdirectory that contains an .htaccess file that allows hotlinking.



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