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Thread: Are Free Websites a Thing of the Past - POLL

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    Are Free Websites a Thing of the Past - POLL

    Do you guys feel that Free TGP Galleries, AVS Galleries, and Sponsor Galleries are a thing of the past?

    I still generate tons of traffic to free avs programs and the sign up ratios continue to drop!
    I personally feel that they are a thing of the past and it's death caused by over use of content and tgp, sponsor galleries.

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    Ok, so maybe I'm biased, but I think that free sites, TGP's and AVSes still have some relavance these days.. Traffic is the name of the game and those sites generate traffic leading to paysites sponsors. I do think that people are catching on and are looking for more quality content rather than much of the overexposed stuff you find out on the net..

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    It's certainly not as good as it used to be... people, it seems, are getting smarter all the time. They've also been jerked around so much that they're sceptical of free sites.

    I still make my higest amount of conversions from Free sites, but it's going down all the time.

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