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Thread: I need your gay niche avs sites

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    I need your gay niche avs sites

    I need to fill my listings for my gay ugas/cyberage/globalmalepass directory, if anyone has any sites using these avs systems please post them and the niche they fit into. if u are not comfortable posting your urls here you can msg me on icq. thanks!

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    I guess I should note that the site is not yet up (I need full site lists before I can launch it), and the yahoo note in my sig refers to a test run page i put up on a free host, which comes up in the top five in any kind of "global male pass list/directory/sites etc" search on yahoo.

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    uses UGAS and GlobalMalePass. Amateur straight guys/military guys site.

    Only one I got that fits the criteria.

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    Check your PM's DigitalJay

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