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Thread: boysfirsttime tour needs help

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    boysfirsttime tour needs help

    Ok, i know most people don't read the text, they just look at the pics, but i almost considered signing up as an affiliate before reading their tour page. There isn't a single line without at least one spelling/gramatical error! It looks like it was a lot of work to make, why wouldn't they bother making sure they typed it correctly? The descriptions for two of the models are the same even! Blaaaah, I won't be an affiliate unless they clean that mess up. Does it sell despite this kind of thing? Do other sites with text obviously writtin by someone with little knowledge of english sell for that matter?

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    I think they're out of Quebec so English might not be the first language. But it is a bit of an eyesore.
    Can't say I know a whole helluva lot about how their program performs, though. I'd guess it must do ok, as they're all over the internet like the BonziBuddy and Paris Hilton.

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    The answer to that is not as good as it used to. As you said they are all over the net, which means many surfers have looked before.

    I agree spelling mistakes wouldn't make me feel like trusting the company with my credit card.

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