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Thread: People stealing content to promote other sites?

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    People stealing content to promote other sites?

    So I was looking in to a few TGPs here and there as a means to promote a couple of my sites when I was surprised to find a video clip gallery promoting HisFirstHugeCock using videos from one of my sites!

    Video clips from BelAmiOnline being used on a page covered in HisFirstHugeCock promo. We never do TGPs at BelAmi and certainly don't use the content to entice people to other folks' sites.

    Have you all experienced stuff like this in the past?

    This is the page in question

    Who do you think should be held to task for this kinda thing? Just the submitter? The sponsor? The gallery operator?

    Suffice to say it peeves me quite a bit.

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    Brian, this is a good question. I would say that the gallery maker holds most responsibility in this matter. Tracking down individual gallery owners who use stolen content is difficult and tedious at best. Keeping track of which content provider has licensed what picture or movie clip for use takes a lot of work without much payoff. Many gallery pages are hosted by free hosting companies which can make it difficult get the stoeln content removed. The fact of the matter is, that stolen content makes up the majority of TGP gallery pages.. Using software to vacumn websites of pictures and content is common practice nowadays.. Maybe what this biz needs is a well funded system to track down people who use stolen content. Or a guilt inducing advertising program along the lines of ASCAP to remind people that stealing content is a no-no....

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    Does anyone else have any ideas on how to deal with stolen content? Please post it here...

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    i have had people steal galleries, pictures and designs. In the past I have contacted the webmaster, their webhost and the sponsor program they are pushing and dob them in (I usually snap a copy of the source code to send as an attachment together with the URL for the original and copied galleries).

    I have had mixed success, sometimes the gallery owner apologizes and changes it right away, sometimes the hosting company removes those pages or sites for violation of terms&conditions, I have even had some success getting the sponsor program to close the guys account down (well, they say they close it down!)

    If you have copyright on those videos I say go to town and hit this guy on all fronts.



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    Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and contact the gallery owner and TopBucks (who runs HFHC). Figure that'll be the best bet. Then just keep an eye out for that referrer for awhile.
    Gets my goat, tho

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