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Thread: Cross-promo with movie sites

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    Cross-promo with movie sites

    HI all,

    I need some feedback. I have some galleries protected by MANcheck. Once inside the galleries I have some banners for a site that sells adult movies. Quite often I'm able to make banners that say: "To buy John Doe Pornstar's videos, click here." One site is bears, they other is Euro young guys.

    They don't seem to be working.

    However, if I cross promote with MANcheck Cinema and say, "Click here to watch John Doe Pornstar in action now." My sales aren't too bad.

    So my question: does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Are the types of people who buy AVS memberships and visit static galleries not interested in buying movies and having them shipped to their home? Are they only interested in watching video online? Or am I just taking the wrong approach in promoting the shipped videos.

    I know my MANcheck Cinema cross-promos are working because I recently put a few "check him out in these movies" types of things on galleries that previously had nothing. And now, they're selling. So some people definitely are interested in seeing these guys in video, I just can't seem to get people to buy the shipped ones.

    What do you think/know? Ideas?

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    My experience is that sales of DVDs and videos have declined a lot in the last year or two. My income from them has pretty much halved each year. IMO it has got to the stage where it is not worth putting up the links for 20% of a $10 DVD, when you could send that person to a membership site that pays you $35 with a similar conversion ratio.

    Watching online seems much more popular now. Which is a little odd considering such a small percentage of people have broadband so far.

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    IMHO (with absolutely no data to back it), I think people surfing our sites are looking to get off now. Not in 5-10 days or more when the videos arrive. That may be a good secondary thought, but they want the immediacy... I know I would.

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