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    Oh my god! (video)

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    Is this the first time you ever saw Yatta? LOL! Don't you love these guys? That's actually a bit from a comedy show, but from what I understand they sort of became a cult sensation. Someone did a really funny flash video for this song. If anyone knows a link, please share it. I no longer have it. But it's really funny.

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    you know, I have a couple of Japanese friends, and to them, that makes complete sense. I'm not even sure if that actaully WAS a parody, or if they were just a Japanese boy band that didn't wear clothes.

    Truely disturbing, but hey, Japan is the country where you can buy used underwear, along with a photograph of the person who wore it, in vending machines at bus stations.

    And to them, drinking cow's milk is the most fucked up thing ever.

    go figure.

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