Hey Everyone -- I'm a recent member of this board, and just getting into this industry. If you're looking for domain names, I want to let you know about TurboReg.com. TurboReg is gay owned and operated (by me!), so you are keeping your dollars within the family. If you have any questions, just email me at sales@turboreg.com.

New domain registrations are $11, or two years for $20. Transfers are the same, and any remaining time will be transferred as well. For those registering or transferring in bulk (50 domains+), prices are as low as $8 per domain.

All new registrations and transfers include:
* FREE instantaneous forwarding and masking that you control online
* FREE parking page, FREE for sale page
* FREE domain ownership transfer to another registrant
* Easy to use transfer system - if it fails to go through for ANY reason at all, your money is refunded.

Rest assured that YOU are registering the domain, and YOU own it -- we are NOT registering it on your behalf or leasing it to you! TurboReg.com is a gay owned and operated reseller for an ICAAN-approved registrar that I have worked with for several years.

Let me know what you think of the prices and services available!