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Thread: Articles and more to come!!

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    Articles and more to come!!

    Howdy All!

    Well needless to say I'm re awakening from all the other project I have going on and have had some time to really do some research and start writing articles again.

    I've just added the first of many new items - Does positive make it soft? is listed on the articles page of the main site.

    I have done a lot of research in the past few months to bring some new topics to light and to open discussions for some new ideas!!!!

    Also, we're opening up the article floor for submissions! If you have an article or idea that you want published please feel free to contact us at

    Hope everyone is well!

    I'm off to write a LOT more...

    My best regards,

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    am excited to read your articles. I have read them in the past for research and knowledge purposes.

    They are very informative.

    Thank you!

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