Ok folks!

I'm shutting down the PC for the week.

Lee and I will be leaving for Vegas in about 2 hours (the bad thing about living near a small airport, you leave at ungodly hours LOL)

Hopefully cell reception won't be that bad... give us a call at 386 316 6993 if you want to hook up. I have a couple of meetings scheduled for this afternoon, but Lee and Chris will be looking for more reasons to drink

For those who aren't coming we'll make sure we have a drink for you... those who we will get to see there, I'm so looking forward to it!

Just a side note... Right after Internext we will be flying to NY for my aunt's memorial service. So the office will be closed until January 12th. So, if you try to get us right after the show, I'm not being a bitch :groovy:

Hugs to all who want them...

And if you're going to be naughty while we're gonna - take pictures!