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Thread: Britney Spears' ex-husband

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    Britney Spears' ex-husband

    Has anyone else heard this guy talk? He is about as "hick" as they get. He must have said "done did" about 3 times! What the hell is that?!

    "They got upset when they heard what we done did."

    He MUST have a BIG dick!

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    LOL no wonder why those 2 met

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    I am straight, but my ass is gay jIgG's Avatar
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    oooh southern boys
    lived in a small town that was full of them. and as hick as they get, in tight jeans (wipes drool)

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    Jigg... you are such a pig! :goof:

    off topic...
    I never noticed there was 98 smilies available on the board!
    :yeehaw: :fuckup: :wtf: :idea: :wacko:
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    I am straight, but my ass is gay jIgG's Avatar
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    oh shush
    to top it all off, the guy i had a crush on was in the same class as me in college and were sitting on the same table together and actually talked.
    i nearly got hyperventilated
    have to find out where he is when i go back to visit and see if i can turn him gay :borg: if he already isn't

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    They showed a clip of him in a bar room fight with his shirt off on ET tonight.. He may be a hick, he looks kinda beefy.. =)

    You can see the clip here....


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    I grew up in a small town in Eastern Canada full of guys like that. The poeple in that town would pride themselves on how unworldly they were, how unaware of anything outside their tight little circle, and for lack of a better word "stupid" they were.

    I think it was all the inbreeding. 2000 people and little influx of newcomers makes a very shallow gene pool indeed.

    I got laid a lot, cuz there really wasn't anything else to do, but it took a while to get the smell of the sheep and cows out of my clothes.

    He was pretty hot, though.

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