In talking to various webmasters and companies this years internext was smaller and not as enjoyable as in the past.

1) fewer parties
2) parties had the luster of an airport smoking area except the drinks were free
3) fewer webmasters attending
4) overpriced and poor service rooms
5) seminars are repackaged with same information

The show this year in my opinion was to find out who was standing after all the shit that has happened to the industry in 2003.

If anything can be said - it was to meet old friends again - play some pranks - drink at the round bar/parties - hussle newcomers and dancers - but mostly as mentioned - survive any shitty conditions known to mankind to simply meet up with great people.

The guess is that the smaller venues and conventions that are more affordable plus having the freedom to throw parties with style (*style being rippled chests rather than chips) will pick up the slack.