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Thread: Glad I met ya in Vegas!

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    Glad I met ya in Vegas!

    If I met ya in Vegas... hey! . And glad I did.
    If I didn't... sowwy!

    GA and Lee... did I meet you guys?!? I'm so clueless. I met a "Gary" and then 15 minutes later was like "ohhh... was that GA?!"

    I hope ya got the IM I sent about not being able to make the dinner Tuesday night. =\ Turned out I had a previous engagement.

    Apart from the Internext floor being like a ghost town at times, I had a blast in Vegas. Oh yeah... and apart from getting butt-raped at the Venetian blackjack tables...
    But otherwise I had a blast!
    Of course being in the company of the Bel Ami models for 16 hours a day helped that. 8)

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Haha i feel the same way, met so many new people and people that i have known for years but have never met one on one im trying to remember all the names and, more importantly, faces for the next show LOL



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