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Thread: More $$$$ for webmasters in MILITARY GAY niche!

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    WTF? More $$$$ for webmasters in MILITARY GAY niche!

    Hi to all dear webmasters!

    If you are already working or want to try military gay niche, I would like to present for you the pretty fresh site

    In the military gay niche there are not so a lot of qualitative sites and will be perfect diamond in your collection of the easy-to-sell sites owing to has inside really excellent military gay content:army:
    For webmasters there are a lot of promo banners and free hosted galleries. is running by Look at following benefits which has for you!

    - Receive up to 65% from all signups and rebills
    - 5% from profit of your referred webmasters
    - Enabled or disabled trial tours for all sites
    - Sites are consoles and pop-ups free
    - Primary billing processor
    - Bi-weekly payouts by wires or checks
    - You can receive payouts directly from Ibill
    - Advanced stats and 3rd party stats on Ibill
    - Free bannerless hosting, promo content, FHG
    - Perfect sales ratio and long rebills!

    From myself I want to add that the sites have`t any consoles, upsells or any another scam for surfers and members. Such model of business makes you rich!

    For participating webmasters the has open 3rd party stats on Ibill that guarantees - You never will be shaved! Period.

    For more info, please, visit

    I wish you a good business and a plenty amount of cash in your pocket!

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    That would go great in my Gay Military Sex TGP -- but I don't do sites with iBill unfortunately ...... if they ever go to ccBill, I'm there

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    hi rick,

    you can receive payouts directly from greendollars, also greendollars has the own stats area. Thus you will have not connection with ibill at all, but in any time you can check 3rd party stats on ibill for your greendollars revshare account that guarantees you never will be shaved.

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    GreenDollars has realized cascading billing and now you have an opportunity to choose between CCBill and IBill billing systems.
    CCBill/IBill payouts and 3rd party stats.


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