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Thread: Catholic seminary to screen for HIV

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    Catholic seminary to screen for HIV

    "The Grand Séminaire de Montréal is adding a new requirement for men who want to study to become priests - an HIV test. Not that the Catholic Church feels gay sex is the only way a person can get the AIDS virus.

    Still, a positive test result will sound an alarm bell, said the seminary's rector, Rev. Marcel Demers... Demers said the church believes homosexuals have a harder time than heterosexuals to remain chaste... 'Let's be realistic. You can't change your sexual habits on a dime,' [the Reverend Thomas Lynch] said.

    If a person is gay and has been sexually active with other men, and then finds himself living in a seminary among 20, 40 or 100 other men, 'the odds are pretty high he's going to be attracted to somebody.'" [Well, clergymen certainly are kinda hot...]


    "clergymen are kinda hot???"

    Im sensing an ad campaign like, "if you cant lick 'em join 'em"
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