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Thread: Gay Marriage Poll

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    Macho 411

    Gay Marriage Poll

    I just got this on an e mail

    Want to annoy the (anti-gay) American Family Association? They are
    conducting an online poll about gay marriage, and plan to show their
    results to Congress. The poll started out at 93% opposing same-sex
    >marriage and civil unions, and that 3% are in favor. Of course, it begs the question, who did they think they were polling? Well, some friends and I decided we needed some OTHER input.
    Go here:

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    The bastards have cookies set!

    I think Jason posted this once because I know I voted - and the cookies say I did too LOL

    Either way, if anyone didn't vote before, I strongly suggest you vote now. The plan is to take the results of this poll to prove there point. Please cast your vote.

    From what it looks like, they ain't gonna be happy with the results.


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    Voted twice for my friends

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    hehe...current results:

    I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and "civil unions" 32.13%
    (267147 votes)
    I favor legalization of homosexual marriage 59.97%
    (498680 votes)
    I favor a "civil union" with the full benefits of marriage except for the name 7.90%
    (65674 votes)

    looks like word has gotten around



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