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Thread: first gay mainstream movie on the way

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    first gay mainstream movie on the way

    Hollywood to break last taboo with gay cowboys

    me especially likes this one

    The sex scenes take place in tents and on staircases, and they pull no punches. If Lee is true to the story and original script, then it will be a Hollywood first. 'This film will be the first to focus on the physical nature of our relationships,' said Adams.

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    Here's hoping that it makes past the cutting room floor!

    It would be nice to see a US production company make it. Unfortunately, I will believe when I'm sitting in a theatre watching it. I hate to be cynical but there have been so many disappointments in the past.


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    I thought we had that in spartacus

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    From Jigg's link:
    ... star-crossed lovers in director Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, a frank portrayal of physical and emotional bonds between men.
    I had to look twice... I thought it said "Bareback Mountain". DAMN!

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