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Thread: Today on The Darren Austin Show

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    Darren Austin

    Today on The Darren Austin Show

    "A Surreal Life"
    We have an exciting show this week! Porn Star Ron Jeremy is joining us to talk about his experiences in the industry and his latest project as a participant in the reality show “Surreal Life”. Also joining me will be Attorney Michael Ryan who is representing gay couple Tod Alan Keltner and Donald Standhardt in their fight against Arizona to gain the right to marry. Last but not least the newest member of the AEBN team, Pandora Cinema & Twisted Transmissions producer and singer/songwriter Jerry Anders will be joining me live in the studio. Hang on to your seats because we’re in for a wild ride!
    Monday, January 19th @ 5:00 EST and 2 PST

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    Good stuff Darrin keep up the good work

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