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Thread: Seeking Gay Content

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    Happy Seeking Gay Content

    The newly redesigned is up and is in search of some gay material! What is Imagine a place where you can freely post your TGP/MGP links in real time! You dont need to be a part of any affiliate, you do not need a user name or password! Simply go to, click submit link (near the bottom of the page) and then select your catagory. Fill in the fields, and BOOM, your TGP/MPG link is up! All adult webmasters welcome! My site was just put back up two days ago. And it needs content. I am also accepting banner trades, link trades, and even free banner advertising! As an adult webmaster, you can not go wrong with!

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    XTCquest looks good.. I have a brand spankin new site for you to promote on your free site. Hit me on ICQ so we can discuss or you can e-mail me


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    xtcquest, How are you doing? We have what you need, please take a look username: xamosamples password: preview.

    when you are ready please hit me up by any means listed below.

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