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Thread: Newbie needs help with Hosting Plan Choices

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    Newbie needs help with Hosting Plan Choices

    Hey Everyone.
    I am a relative newbie to the whole webmaster thing. I have been toying around with designing my pages and I have played with a few affiliate programs to try and get the hang of all of this. I have been using my current internet provider (Comcast) to post my webpages (which I somehow slop together using both frontpage, dreamweaver mx, dreamweaver 4, and ghetto code I find on the internet)... but now I want to get a little more serious about a money making website and I realize I am not going to be a popular site with a dumb address like . What I am asking is some pointers, tips, or suggestions on picking a low cost Hosting service. Ive checked all the normal lists and reviews of hosting plans but they are confusing to me. I want something that I can put gay adult content on., but I don't want to be restricted to just gallery posts, or just streaming video. I want somewhere that will let me put my personal webpage up and also some different money webpages under one or two domain names. I really would like to have a personal live webcam page (that can be password protected or i can choose to charge or let people view free) and a Pay Per View type porn steaming page... and maybe even a gallery to draw some traffic. Heh, sorry if I am rambling on but this stuff is very complex to me and I have 10000 ideas in my head and not alot of brainpower to hold them

    I would REALLY appreciate any help you guys could offer. If you wanna see the sloppy beginning pages I have made here are the links... please don't be brutal... ive only been working with html and such since January.

    Personal Homepage :

    Sextoy Reseller Page (cheesy I know) -

    and Finally a small free gallery I tried to use for traffic-

    Thanks ALOT again...
    btw Please email me at instead of the link on my webpage... i made the mistake of using that email address for submissions and it get LOADED with spam .

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    We can set you up with great prices on hosting and can take care of all your needs, like setting up two different domains which are totally separated, one for your adult biz and one for your personal pages. We host both adult and non-adult sites and can help you in any aspects you need, like suggestions for webpage optimisation or pointing you to some great webmaster resources.

    Our servers are all optimised for the fastest possible pageload times with heavy traffic without sacrificing security. All servers are managed and monitored so you don't worry about your sites going down. And at prices starting from just $0.75/Gig we give you the best value for the money.

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