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Thread: unsure newbie here

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    unsure newbie here

    First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Dominik but i go by nap or nappy. I've been reading message boards and "researching" websites since about august and have just not tried building gallaries. I'm curious if this market was less saturated than the "norm" and if it would be easier trying to get my feet wet in the gay niche. I'm used to introducing myself on other boards so I am expecting to be flamed.

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    Hey there Dominik

    Well to be honest, you have started out in the biz doing the right thing by researching, you would be suprised at the sheer volume of webmasters who who dont research anythng and just jump in building sites straight away and wonder why they dont make any sales!

    As far as the gay market being less saturated im not sure thats a correct assumtion however, it is less saturated in *quality* sites and, as any gay man well tell you, thats whats going to make you money in this 'niche' if you can provide your surfers with something unique that is exactly what they are looking for then im sure you'll do well with the market

    Can i flame you now? heheh

    Welcome to the board again.



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