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Thread: Protecting Video Files with .htaccess???

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    Protecting Video Files with .htaccess???

    I am using real player formated video and other files..
    with regular .htaccess it can not be played or downloaded..

    Is there a special .htaccess for the directory or an embedded script that will allow playing or downloading of movie, etc files???

    Thanks for your Help.


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    Got it figured out.. thanks anyway...:goof:

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    There are several ways to do adjust your .htaccess for videos,
    all with their
    disadvantages. You can allow the null referer (no referer),
    but then people can (and will) hotlink and bookmark like crazy.
    You can use a cookie based .htaccess, but with nearly
    half of porn surfers having cookies turned off,
    that'll lose you a lot of customers.

    The best solution, probably is Strongbox.
    Strongbox is the
    next generation approach to security which solves
    most, if not all, of the problems associated
    with old fashioned approaches, including hotlinking, etc.
    Strongbox works just fine with any type of video.
    For more information, see:

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    Thanks for you help.
    However, Strong Box would cost me WAY!!! more than I make a month.
    Yes, It's True, after 2 years in the Business, and after the visa regulation change, and after the Google Reindexing, I am barely dragging in 300.00 every two weeks.


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    WTF are you talking about, Strongbox is only $35?
    Typically it saves enough bandwidth to pay for itself
    within a month or two.

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    Strongbox AVS Pricing AVS Sites Discount Price each
    1 site 0% $35 each
    5 sites 20% $28 each
    10 sites 40% $21 each
    20 sites 60% $14 each
    40 sites 75% $8.75 each
    70 sites 80% $7 each
    100+ sites 85% $5.25 each

    I have well over 100 sites... close to 400..
    400 x 5.25 = 2100.00 if my calculations are correct.
    Now unless I misunderstood what you charge. That is what I get from the pricing guide...
    I MAY BE WRONG...???
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    Shoot me an email at
    We'll make a deal.


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