As Internet professionals we all know the importance of offering our surfers exactly what they want. And, that a contented surfer makes a dedicated buyer.

Another important factor, that many companies forget, is the global community we work in - many diverse markets, with most speaking and reading languages other than English.

That is where we come in.

Adult Site Translations specializes in adapting networks of premium, avs and other online product sites to meet the global markets by translating them into foreign languages quickly and efficiently. We do not use translation programs or online text editors. Our staff of translators, most of who speak their specialty language as a first language, are ready and waiting to transform your network.

From English to Mandarin, French and Italian, our resource of translators can bring your companies international market goals to the forefront. Our services can take any of your English version sites and translates them into any language you want. To make our services even more potent, our translation staff members are not only professional linguists but also webmasters actively working in the adult industry. This gives us an edge over other translation companies who think they can handle the adult nature of our industry.

Of course we are writing to you to offer our services to your company. Also, we'd like to let you know of our special price promotion for companies with a larger inventory of sites.

We know, and our clients agree, to grow your online market share is to expand your portfolio internationally. We are here to assist you with your first steps.

For more information, or to request a price quote, please feel free to contact us at, or use my direct email