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Thread: Are / Were You A Frat Guy Or Sorority Gal?

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Are / Were You A Frat Guy Or Sorority Gal?

    Just wondered about this now.

    How many of the community members here were part of a fraternity and, if you were, can i ask which one?

    Personally i wasnt (we dont have them in the UK) so this is a whole new thing to me but ive been looking around at a few places and there is actually a gay fraternity anyone here know any members?

    As i say this more a thread about my curiosity of fraternity life than anything else so share some info with me please if you dnt mind hehe.



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    I wanted to be one, but there were no Fraternities at the college I went to until two years after I graduated. My dad was in... I dunno.. one of them. There's a gay Frat house at U of T here in Toronto, and I think one at York, too.

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    Sigma Alpha Epsilon, here.

    Was Pledge Educator (in charge of indoctrinating and inducting the new pledge classes) for 2 years, VP for 1, and President.

    Actually came out to my fraternity brothers after my Jr. year. They elected me chapter pres. a couple of months later.

    Fondest memories of college come from fraternity life.

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