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Thread: Promotion vs. buying

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    Promotion vs. buying

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to know your thoughts about promoting a site (TGP's, LinkLists, etc..) vs. just buying traffic. Thanks -

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    I'm all about promotion because... well... I'm cheap

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    Oh, really!

    You sound like a very funny person. It's late and such quick replies.

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    I recently purchased 10,000 hits from a company called and in addition to that I've started a TopList (on a free host) and I am thinking about starting a TGP2 on a free host. It's a lot of work. I was told that in order to have my main site be successful I would have to have at least 1000 to 2000 other sites to promote it?!? God, I just have one little "Free" site that promotes Badpuppy. Do I really need that many sites for promotion? Thanks

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    Bigsassy, I think it is best to do a combo of promo and traffic purchase, why limit yourself if they will both make you money! Plus you will find that after making your first set of sites it will get easier to make more and more of them, eg, your first toplist will take forever for you to setup but once you learn how it will become easy to setup 10 more if you want, plus they should pretty much run themselves. And no you do not need 1000 sites pointing to yours, but the more promo and traffic your site has, the more chance it has at becoming successful and making you more money.

    Oh, I would love to know about your boyhits traffic, was it worth the money, where did you send your traffic and did you make or lose money from the experience?



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