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Thread: To order or not to order?

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    I Wonder? To order or not to order?

    What's your opinion? What do you prefer?

    When building a gallery or TGP do you find a difference in whether a series of pictures is "in order" or not?

    I find myself wanting to build the "story" from start to finish. Guys meet/arrive/hookup .....several pictures later...... guys finish/cum/stop whatever. I sort of prefer that as I surf galleries too since it moves me a long.

    Does anyone have any opinion on what happens when you mix it up? Randomize the pictures? Remember, I'm strictly talking series of pics.

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    I'm a "tell me the story" kinda guy personally. But it depends on the content I'm using for the galleries... if it comes in a series I present it that way.


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    I am more woman than you will ever have, and more man than you will ever be Fister's Avatar
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    From a personal surfing point of view, the order of the pics makes no difference to me ... it's how good each individual pic is for me that matters. I suspect for most "already horny" gay surfers of the TGP galleries, that the same would be true, but that for some the storyline of the scene may add to a fantasy for the surfer.

    I don't have enough data to know what difference it makes in sponsor visits or sales.

    First-time post here. I'm finding Gay Wide Webmasters IMMENSELY helpful.

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    Originally posted by Fister
    First-time post here. I'm finding Gay Wide Webmasters IMMENSELY helpful.
    Then let me be the first to welcome you :groovy:

    Glad your finding our community useful and im sure from your reply above youll have some great input on our discussions :thumbsup:



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