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    Something Strange

    Hi Everyone, Granted I know about this much <-> about html. I do know that you can right-click to view source code lots of times. Well, I have been trying to set-up a "FREE" Link List with a company called I sing-up and immediatly have problems with my password.Ok, no biggie. It say on the sit you can alter your sites appearance, etc...with you own html editor. Ok..Well I did this and uploaded the files and code and went to check my site. When I would go to it's address I was redirected all-over, to other link lists. So I view the source code...Well, there's links in the code for *********** altlists and all kinds of shit. I know I didn't put it there! I saved the source code. I know I am a "newbie" and don't know shit.. but I don't appreciate seeing that! Thanks

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    Sorry about all the mis-spellings. It just really upset me to see that shit. Redirecting folks from what's supposed to be my site to some str8 sites and then beasty sites! What the f--K!

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    Sounds to me like you have just discovered your first crappy toplist company.

    Although when used correctly, Toplists can be an invaluable source of traffic all to often than not, many of the Toplist owners themselves either fill the toplist with their own illegal sites or dont bother checking the sites that other webmasters submit to their toplist which in turn, ends up with the type of scenario you have just had to deal with

    Best advice i can give you if you want to start a toplist at this moment in time is not to instead try working on other traffic sources to build up your sites traffic like link lists and tgp's at least you know for the most part these sites will have a lot less likely chance of having illegal stuff on them :thumbsup:

    Of course if you do want to maintain your own toplist then head across to and take a look at their toplist script and control all of the traffic yourself.



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    Thanks Lee. It's all just a little much for me right now. I'm gonna build galleries and post them.

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