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Thread: Legal representation

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    Legal representation

    How much legal representation should we have as recommended by

    It makes sense to me, but would like to hear others thoughts regarding forming corporations and like.


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    Hey Sunguy!

    I was hoping someone would have chimed in here, but alas they read but do not post LOL

    Legal representation in ANY business is necessary, but in THIS business I think it's a MUST. In a typical business scenario laws change so rapidly that one day you're in compliance and the next you're not. Now bring in the velocity of changes in the internet, and the ever changing legal attempts to monitor, censor and tax.

    Now that's just the internet... NOW let's bring in the ADULT internet... This is something the fluxes almost daily. Whether here in the states or around the world, laws are being written or passed that effect us - it's almost to the point that you need a lawyer just to keep up with some of it.

    Ok now that I ran my fingers off LOL.

    YES legal representation is a must whether your selling specialty socks or adult entertainment - it's just good business.

    My two cents!


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