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Thread: Gay Marriages in the USA . . Dead Heat

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    Gay Marriages in the USA . . Dead Heat

    Support For Gay Marriage Statistical "Dead Heat" Poll Shows.

    (Washington, D.C.) A new poll shows that Americans reject the idea of amending the Constitution to bar same-sex marriage, but when asked whether marriage should be allowed the country is virtually equally divided.

    The ABC Washington Post poll shows only 38 percent of Americans believe in an amendment. The majority said that same-sex marriage should be left up to the states.

    But, when asked specifically about legalizing gay marriage, 55 percent said same-sex couples should not be allowed to wed. 41 percent would permit gay and lesbian couples to marry. With a three percent margin of error it is considered too close to call.

    Interesting !!!

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    Post It's Time For Action!

    Hi, Everyone . . .

    There's just too much confusion on the Gay Marriage issue. I finally got off my butt and did an editorial posted at our main website. Review it and, if you think it'll help clear up some confused minds,
    PLEASE pass on the link to all family and friends (gay or st8)!!

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    It is somewhat reassuring to see that so many Americans are opposed to the idea of amedending the Constitution, setting such a step apart as something popular only among extremist right wing politicians.

    Knowing it's an election year and that pandering to votes is the name of the game, hopefully a poll like this will take some wind out of the sails of those pushing for an amendment.

    I'm perfectly content with state-by-state referendums banning gay marriage. That's simply how our process works. Granted, I'd like very much to be able to marry someday. But if the majority of the population of my state decides that at the state level it's not something they want, I can swallow that.

    And amendment to the Constitution - a document that really should be above such shameless attempts at imposing some kind of archaic morality upon the nation - would just be altogether messed up.

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