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Thread: What Type Of Affiliate Program Model Do You Prefer To Use?

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    What Type Of Affiliate Program Model Do You Prefer To Use?

    Just wanted to take a quick poll of the community members to find out the preferred payment model they look for in an affiliate program.

    Cast your vote in the poll and, if you dont mind, explain why you prefer the option you chose.



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    It all depends on the site for me, really. If it's one I expect to retain well, I will go with the signup/rebill model. If I think it's the kind that converts well on initial sales but might not retain great, I'll go for the signup flat rate.

    The follow the performance for a good while and adjust which one I use according to how the sites do.

    Sometimes it's not so much an issue of the sponsor but also the kinds of users that frequent the site I'm promoting sponsors on. I have a couple sites in which I know the people are all about trial memberships and have very little intention to reach a rebill. The signup for the trial and cancel right away so they can check it out for just a few days. I go for signup flat rate on those

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    i use about half pps and half percentage on galleries, with free sites sending to things like freeezinebucks.

    for me to use a percentage program, the site needs either a great member area or unique content - better, both ;-)

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    I can't wait for the day that Visa wakes up and realizes that it is absolutely ridiculous to process transactions for companies that pay out sales comissions that are 10x and 20x the price of the original transaction. And they wonder why our industry has so much fraud and chargebacks. Not to mention shaving.

    I believe in revenue sharing and making sponsors compete on the basis of their content. After all, good content is what it is all about!

    My two cents!

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