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Thread: ready exclusive gay content

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    ready exclusive gay content

    You need ready exclusive gay content?
    We have this! ICQ 268629732
    Screenshots of my video you can see here

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    Hello there SNG. Welcome to Gay Wide Webmasters and welcome to my little corner of the world, the Gay Adult Content Forum.

    :cop: I do not allow drive-by spam in this forum, but since you are new I will let this one slide. If anyone wants a little free ad space, please visit our Announcements + Spam Forum. :cop:

    Having said that, please take a moment to introduce yourself. I hope you will stick around and engage in some useful content oriented conversation. And don't forget to stop by the other great boards on this site as well. :grin:

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    don't have any deal with SNG - he's the cheater.
    the biggest part of this "non exclusive" content he sells to us on exclusive basis only for our site + we waiting more than 6 months for the 50% of content for that we pays.

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