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Thread: Manhunter Video

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    Manhunter Video

    HI all,

    Is there anyone on the list from PPVNetworks or Manhunter Video? Anyone on these boards use them?

    Should I be concerned that they took over a week to approve my new webmaster account?

    What's up with sponsors these days? Is everyone making so much money that they can't be bothered answering e-mails from potential new webmasters? I'm waiting over a week to here back from three different sponsors.

    Seriously, is anyone using Manhunter Video, is this indicative of their service, or is this an oddity?

    How about Nightcharm and Are either of them reading this board? If so, could you provide a contact e-mail address since your contact areas of your websites don't appear to be getting me anywhere.


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    I believe Manhunter just licenses their content to PPVnetworks. They are not owned by the same company.

    Did you have to send a contract to PPVnetworks? I tried signing up with them (their products look great), but I got discouraged by the all the hoops I had to jump through.

    MaleFlixxx worked well for me about a year ago, but they haven't updated their banners or promotional material for so long, I stopped promoting them.

    Signed up for NightCharm... never did any sales with them.

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    Thanks Xstr8guy,

    Yes, I signed up through ppvnetworks, but since it took well over a week for them to contact me (or approve me) I e-mailed a fairly polite direct e-mail wherein I said: Before I promote your products all over my site, can you tell me why it has taken you a week and a half to reply to my original submission, is this a normal level of service for you?

    I've yet to hear back from them. I wasn't trying to be a prick, I'm just tired of signing up with jackass sponsors who look good on the outside, but then once you get into it they're bogus, their product sucks, they look cheesy, their interface is impossible to work with, or it looks like you might never get paid.

    So when a sponsor takes over a week and a half to say, "Yes, please send us traffic" I have to wonder will I be paid on time and will the traffic I send be met with crappy service.

    And Xstra8guy, I'm having the same concerns about Maleflixxx. I've written them asking them when they might be updating some of their movie box covers and I'm not getting an answer.

    As for Nightcharm, I e-mailed them asking them if they thought a particular site of mine might convert and if they thought it would, I asked if they could give me a trial membership to poke around for 24 hours and see what I'd be selling. To date, I've gotten no reply.

    I'm pretty weary of the all-take-no-action side of this business. It'd be nice to find a half dozen sponsors worth promoting. So far MANcheck and Hot Desert Knights are the only ones I'm having luck with.


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    I'm pretty weary of the all-take-no-action side of this business. It'd be nice to find a half dozen sponsors worth promoting. So far MANcheck and Hot Desert Knights are the only ones I'm having luck with.
    Yep... I know the situation well. I hate having to veer away from a "tried and true" sponsor to try something new or different... and finding out that all the traffic was wasted.

    Are you having good luck with BMB and HDK, now? My new sign-ups are way down and the rebills have slowed, too. Of course, maybe it has something to do with my poor production of new AVS sites.

    I've been promoting existing sites instead of buliding new sites... and my AVS sales are up but my sponsor sales are down.

    Have you tried the new HDK movie arcade site, yet? I sent them some traffic... no sales. :crybaby: Maybe I should try again.

    As always... let me know if you find any good sponsors!

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    You know what's funny?

    I'm still getting Bait Bus rebills and the occassional new sale... and I haven't actively promoted them in a year and a half. And they haven't updated the site for about that long, either!

    When can we expect another smash like Bait Bus? I could sell that by sticking a banner up just about anywhere and not even try!

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    Nope, HDK is doing great for me. Butt Machine Boys didn't do very well, so I pulled most of the banners, just as I was doing that, it started to sell, so I left a few. I sold 5 or 6 memberships, nothing spectacular, but I'm going to look at them again.

    Thanks for the tip on HDK cinema, I'll check it out. I did try their Making Gay Porn and it didn't do anything with my site.


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    Will West used to run MGP. When he left HDK, he says, they lost interest in it. I don't think they are doing anything with it now. Too bad... it was a great idea.

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    If you're looking for "Straight" guy content, we have a great reality site that sells very well ... follow my sig for more details.

    I will check out some of the sites that were mentioned above. I am always looking for good sites for my exits.

    Good luck with all your promotions!
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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Re: Manhunter Video

    Originally posted by Dzinerbear
    Should I be concerned that they took over a week to approve my new webmaster account?
    Only a week? Pffft...

    Been waiting ovr a month now for acceptance into the Falcon Studios affiliate program.

    Kindof a shame too because we get some great traffic that could be sent to their sites specifically

    Ah well im sure they will accept us sometime



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    Direct Holly
    Hey Dzinerbear ,
    I highly recommend Naked Sword they work with Colt, Falcon and all the big players... They are stand up people and have great customer service and a great name and reputation in the business.... Check them out at and

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    NS Reena
    Hey Dzinerbear and Hi xstr8guy (we spoke a while back when i was living in Toronto),

    I think I have the program you are looking for. Check out our affiliate program at

    We are a gay video on demand site that has a strong consumer reputation but are currently in the process of expanding our affiliate networks.

    Our Studios include: Falcon (exclusive), Rascal (exclusive, Colt (exclusive), Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, JetSet etc

    We have a variety of ways in which you can add free constantly updating, content to your sites, as well as promotional banners and consoles you can use and are constantly updating our site and promotional material. As well, I can work with you on getting any other materials you may need in promoting us.

    So that's the schpeel.....write me, icq: 219418217 or aim: bluereena....let's chat..

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    Guest and other affiliate programs

    Hi there,

    Regarding, and our dozens of other affiliate programs, including,,, etc. ... I apologize on behalf of Naomi for the delay.

    We have one person who handles affiliate programs. Because we handle the programs on an individual basis, and because we operate several hundred sites, it can take up to a week to get an account completed. We do not at this time allow automated submissions of affiliate programs, because we get too much riff raff. We like to have a personal relationship with our affiliate.

    We have many affiliates doing extremely well with our programs; ie. URL coded links to existing sites. For larger affiliates, we can create branded theatres. Take a look at... for example... .... this site makes over $5,000 per month and it is an affiliate's site.... the owner of the site owns no content.

    I hope this helps answer your question


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    Thanks for the response, Damian. Your affiliate program is kind of confusing to me. The product looks very exciting, but I'm not sure how to go about promoting your theaters. For example, I initially signed up for HDKtv... so does this mean that this is the only site that I'll receive referral credit. Aren't your sites all linked together, so if I send a surfer to HDKtv and they end up at Manhunter and purchase viewing time... does this mean I get no percentaqe of the sale?


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    Affiliates promoting multiple PPVNETWORKS sites...

    I agree it can be confusing... that's because there are so many configurations and parameters possible... hence the human touch... here goes

    As for promoting multiple theatres: YES you can promote multiple theatres with one account. The report will automatically break down revenues from each respective site.

    The only difference on your end is in the construction of the affilite URLs. There is a document online in our Webmaster Resources section that explains how to do this, otherwise, you can just ask one of us

    Webmaster Resources:

    Here's a convenient little chart of Affiliate URLs for Theatres:

    As for getting credit when users hop from one site to another... this is how it works. The user is "flagged" as being yours when they hit the site, or any site they visit from the popunder guide. Other than that, they cannot be tracked. If they join within 30 days, they are permanently flagged as your user... and any money they ever spend is tracked to you. If they don't join within 30 days, them they are open game again to be someone elses.

    Our revenue share is 50% of memberships and 25% of pay-per-view. On avegage, its about 40% of total revenue.

    I hope that makes sense !


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    Thanks Damian and Reena for your responses. Damian, I'll be in touch privately to talk to you about a couple of things.

    I'd like to add publicly that it's unfortunate that webmasters often have to air problems in public forums like this before getting the attention of the sponsor. I did send an e-mail to ppvnetworks on the weekend addressing my concerns in the delay, and I haven't heard back anything except for Damian's reply in this forum this afternoon.

    It seems to me that webmasters could use some sort of an association or database that's more organized. Lists of sponsors on board like this are convenient to sift through, but are those sponsors any good or what's their reputation like?

    Likewise, from a sponsor's point of view, I'd be pretty pissed off if I were tarred and feathered publicly because some webmaster had a bug in their bonnet about something.

    It would be nice if we could come up with a way to resolve these sorts of problems.

    All I really want from a sponsor is communication. A simple "I'm looking into your situation and I'll reply as quickly as possible" would make me happy. I'm not unreasonable, I don't need the world to jump when I call, but letting me know that I'm not being ignored sure would go along way to keeping my happy.

    Perhaps the owners of this board could think about starting a database where webmasters could rate and comment on sponsors. And I would hope that it would contain positive and helpful information, too.

    Just a thought.

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