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Thread: Britney / Pink / Beyonce gladiator Pepsi comercial

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    Britney / Pink / Beyonce gladiator Pepsi comercial

    To think they paid all that money - on the girls but couldnt scratch up enough for Enrique to sing too.

    Personally of all the songs I thought Fat Bottom Girls would have been more appropriate - what do you think??

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    WOW just watched the video... this is very dumb and boring.
    What a waste of money... must be because i'm not a fan of any of them (at all)

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    maybe its me - but when you have way too many ego's in one place - creativity and quality go out the window

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    oh i totally agree with you!

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    She Devil
    maybe it's just me but I find that out of all of them P!NK is the only one who fits the 'I wanna kick ass' attitude. Maybe it's just my point of view. Other than that I found it pointless and boring (and that's gotta be bad from someone who likes boobies).

    Someone needs to go through that and count how many boobie shots there were. :groovy: :fuckup:

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    yep i also found Pink was the best in what i saw. And her voice was much better than the rest. Thank god Enrique was not singing.

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    Ah, the calculated rebellion of Pop Music. I feel dirty for watching that. It's what happens when you have more money than talent or imagination. It's like they just took three pop tarts and dropped them in a blender with Gladiator and A Knight's Tale.

    Truely distubing.

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    Direct Holly
    I dont care what you all say I love me some Beyonce YUMMY... LOL she is hot and could probably kick ass better the Pink cause Pink looks like she is always stoned latley mmmkay LOL

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