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Thread: Why Don't You Test Market?!

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    I Wonder? Why Don't You Test Market?!

    It's easy and I don't get why it isn't common. I see people on forums all the time saying "I wonder how suchandsuch would do", it isn't hard to set up a site (, whatever)where the content is "voted in" by your surfers, you can set up polls, mini quizes, forums, and a number of other things to create an interactive adult site where your surfers decide what they want, and what they don't want, and what about it turns them on/off. You can also set up "feedback" 15 pic galleries where viewers can post what they think of the set, how they would have done it differently, rate 1 to 10, etc. Not only does this give you a clue what people think of the content you already have, but what you should be getting more of. If you have a site like this, you'll learn a LOT and be able to use the knowledge to benefit all of your other sites. Stop wondering what surfers want to see and ask them.
    By the way, test market in ALL the niches you think might work, people with specific tastes usually have even more specific tastes that aren't being fulfilled online.

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    A great thread!

    Actually this is something we are already working on with the Stud Money sites, giving the members of each of our sites their own little 'community'.

    Of course, it all helps us as we get to see what type o content they are looking for as well as what they do and more importantly, dont like about our paysites so we can get things changed for them.



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    Awesome, and congrats Lee, insanely enough, you'll be ahead of the game. I mean, why hasn't this just been common practice from the beginning? It can almost be compared to dj culture. dj's who play what they love and hope their audiences agree usually don't make it. dj's who are spinning just for the thrill they get when the crowd reacts to what they are playing usually succeed. It usually dosn't work out like that in porn because people's passion is all in cash form. Even webmasters who are really into their own content don't usually take the time to compile the information they get from their surfers and use it as a guide when updating the site.
    If webmasters can't be passionate about the content of their sites, they should at least let the surfers who are have an easily accessible way to put in their 2 cents.

    But I was talking about starting a site just for testing it's surfers likes and dislikes in the adult industry. Webmasters who spend hours every day researching are still often only getting other webmasters opinions, and then making judgements based on their own. When you compile feedback and statistics, you have the opinion of many people you are marketing TO. That is much more powerful.
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    if anyone who reads this decides to set up a testing site, I should also note that it is important to test your ads on the same site. for example, on any page related to bears, you would have an ad for a bear site and a way for your surfers to rate the site/product. Make sure the results are seperate for each page, so that for example: if you had a poll asking surfers if they like tattood bears, you would use a script that returns different results pages depending on the answer. if each results page has an ad for a muscle bear site that can be rated, you can then compile results on your poll question, and how people with different answers to your poll question react to a specific advertisment.
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    all of my sponsors and most of my clients i promote on an interactive, free site in which the opportunities for them to provide feedback are ample. there's a good sized core group of users who offer up their feedback on each site featured, as well as a discussion forum in which opinions and ratings are solicited. i definitely find it helpful.
    And stats don't lie, either. Conversions. Clicks. Rebills. All of that I can track along with the actual statements of the users. It all comes in handy not only to hear what people are saying about what sites, but also to generate a buzz and interest in the ones that people like. Well liked sites develop this inertia as more people respond positively to it and others see that response.
    It's good stuff 8)

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    We do a lot of polling and content rating in our members area. We give some members access to multiple sites to provide feedback, judge content, etc. Every picture and video is connected to a ratings system. It helps a great deal when judging what to keep, what to dump and what to get more of.
    Good thread!

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