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Thread: Words of wisdom for a newbie

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    Words of wisdom for a newbie

    Hello, everyone. I am a newbie and just wanted to ask one question. What advice, words of wisdom, things to avoid doing, or words of encouragement would you give a newbie starting out as a gay adult webmaster.

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    great to see you here.. we also have live feeds for blackcontent

    hangin with garyalan and lee is your first right move

    start by reading reading reading as much as you can about the industry

    then network - learn and be willing to be apart of the community

    Hope to hear from you soon..

    Love TheLegacy

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    Best advice I could give you would be to stay away from the GFY boards for your first year - you can waste hours and hours of valuable time in there and get caught up in load of rubbish which at the end of the day doesnt help you at all.

    Other than that, patience and motivation are important factors - Try to set yourself set hours to work on your web based ideas, and stick to them - Dont let the people around you or the television etc distract you during these hours - lock yourself away in the bedroom if needbe, but stick to your hours and start to think of it as a "real job" and not a hobby...

    Lastly, dont expect to be cashing $1k checks within your first month - Rome wasnt built in a day and all that...

    But stick to your idea and keep working at it and surround yourself with positive people, I didnt, and was told every day for the first year to "go get a real job" by my other half... He is no longer my other half and really regrets ever saying that :groovy:

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    Russ (IntelligentWebs) speaks wisely! the only other thing I can suggest is a bit more pictures & banners on your main page. Right now the only thing that jumps out is your video pic.



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    Hi Ivey --- glad you found your way here! Great bunch of folks here who really do have a clue about what's what with marketing gay sites, hope you'll stick around!

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    Don't put all of your eggs in one basket... spread yourself around.

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Originally posted by Xstr8guy
    Don't put all of your eggs in one basket... spread yourself around.



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    Hehe... "you are so bad Muriel"

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